Ultra Realistic 5 Open World Car Racing Games for Android

Ultra Realistic 5 Open World Car Racing Games for Android

So, gays how are you today I am going to explain Top 5 Open World Car Driving & Racing Games for Android in 2024. There are many games available on play store you can search and download them. But Some games are not showing in search list because their name is not in English their names in another language so today, I decided to some other languages games to you. With the help of this you can get more better games in your android phone. So, let’s starts these special games series.

5- CASACUS Racing

We don’t know the meaning of CASACUS but this is the names of this games. When you search the games in play store this game is not showing in search list. Because this is an Arabic game and the names of this game in Arabic language. When you download in games and play it the first screen is front on you is garage there are many cars available in the garage. There are many mods in this you can paly like snow mode city mode etc. Moreover, you can control the traffic on the road with the help of percentage of traffic you want on the road. If we talk about the graphics of this game this game has high graphic that made the game more realistic and more attractive. You can download in for free and play in your phone without internet connection.


Apex Racing is a poplar games in last 2 or 3 months the developers make more updates in it. When you open the game, you can see now it become at online multiplayer game. In these games you have a Lamborghini you can drive on high way. This gamer play for one minute at once. The graphics of this game is very high it makes this game more realistic and more attractive. I thick Apex Racing releases 1 years ago but now there are many updates in it. There are many new cars in these games after new updates. There are 3 mode is the game where you can drive your car. This games is totally free you can play it in your mobile.


As show in the name car parking you know what to do in the game. In the game have a car to park. Customize your car as you can in the car. You can open the bonnet of the car and check it. You can exit the car like gta. There are many cars Indian car and others cars like G vegan etc. The graphics of this game is very realistic that make it more attractive and enjoyable to play for the player. If you violate the rules you have to pay the fine when you exit the car it is fell like gta 5.


Most Great thing in this game you have a car like a real car inner and outer interior like a real car. It makes it very beautiful. There is all car in world you have in the game with the real interior. You have modified them you have modified your car engine doors and everything in the car. After the modified engine the sound will become changed. The graphics of the game very high that makes it more enjoyable and attractive like a real world.


The last game in our list is HAJWALA 4 LIFE HAJWALA is an Arabic world which means drift. After down and open the game you first screen is select the car. The others games have only 2 to 4 cars but this game is not like that there are many cars in it and you can play with them totally free. When you play the game, you will see a map of the city. You have to complete some missions during play the game. You can any where but the most beautiful graphics is in city it is like real world city because the games graphics is very high quality it makes it more realistic and attractive. The graphics of this is very high quality that makes it more realistic and attractive so download it the enjoy your gamming experience.


These games are totally free and secure for your device. There are no virous and no error you can play in easily.

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