How to save phone’s storage and turn off auto-downloads of videos or photos in whatsapp

In today’s era the most used application in social communication is WhatsApp. All the features are found which have a feature and will download and save videos and photos.  Auto download and save feature has many advantages and disadvantages of cleaning it and we will tell you all its advantages and disadvantages one by one in today’s article. turn off auto-downloads of videos or photos in WhatsApp.

What we discus

 What Is Auto Downloads

 What Is The Disadvantages Of Enable It

 What Is Advantages Of Disable It

 How We Can Turn It Off


Today WhatsApp is used by millions of people in their daily routine. They are used to send their photos, to save friends, to send any kind of document. WhatsApp is not only used by people in their daily life, but people also consider it a part of their business, in which they often complete their business deals by sending photos or documents. All the features are given, one of which is to make these photo documents. There are many advantages of what’s app download and the disadvantages are all. Here the every thing you need to know.

1- What is auto download

You must have noticed that when you take a photo, video or document using WhatsApp. They are automatically downloaded and if you have a save and carry option in your settings. They are automatically downloaded

2 What is the disadvantages of enable it

If this option is turn on in your mobile and you have receive any application or data that is dangerous to your mobile or to you. It may be automatically downloaded and saved in your mobile. It is very dangerous  for you and your personal and mobiles data that’s why you need to turn in off on your WhatsApp.

3- What is advantages of disable it

Now, there are many benefits of turning off this feature. The first benefit is that your internet data download action will not be wasted.  But the dangerous app will be downloaded automatically.  If you don’t want videos being saved in your gallery or videos that you don’t want, you’ll be safe from them too. Turn off auto-downloads of videos or photos in WhatsApp.


4- How we can turn it off

It is very easy to turn it off

1- open your WhatsApp and press the there dotted line shown right up corner

2- now click on the settings option

3- now click on Storage and data option

  Now you see the option of Media auto downloads Turn it all off

Now all done and you WhatsApp is safe from junk and dangerous files who download automatically

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