Top 5 Offline games for android

So if you guys are also fond of playing games. Then this article is for you in today’s article we will talk about 5 Offline games for android offline games that you guys can play and enjoy on mobile. So these games you guys can play absolutely free which gives you very good graphics and the quality of these games is also very good. It will tell you about all types of games like racing games horror games and other games.

1- Racing legend

Basically this game is going to be a racing game in which you have to drive a lot of different cars and have to race them and get the first position. It gives you a lot of twists and turns and a lot of options. It’s a great game if you’re looking for an offline game. The graphics of the game are awesome which shows a good quality. This work is found in 82MB which is not very big.

2- Traffic Racer Vil

This game is also a color in which you get many different moods. So you are given bus, truck, car and many other vehicles with the help of which you can enjoy this game. This game provides you with Ultra HD graphics quality for an excellent quality for gamers. This game is also an offline game which you get in just 90 MB. You guys download it and any your offline game.

3- Stranger Place

So this game is going to be a scary game. In which you have to play the role of a girl. Who is in a house and she doesn’t know the place when she wakes up from sleep she has to get out of the house. In which she has to cross many big things. This game is just like granny game which you can also play on mobile and it gives you very good quality. There are many scary sounds so if you play it you can have a lot of fun. And if we talk about its size, it only gets you 70 MB.

4- sundel Bolong Revenge

So it’s also a horror game. Where you guys are in a room that you don’t know and you’re given a lot of tasks to complete and exit the room.  This room is very dark for which you also have a light with the help of which you guys have to leave this house. So this is also a good game in which you are given a lot of sound so if you play this game with headphones it will provide good quality.

5- Mission Berlin

So basically it’s an open world game.  Where you are thrown into a place and you have to complete a lot of tasks to get out of there. You’re in your own world you can go anywhere you want you can do anything. You have to kill people and heal so you get help to get out. You get this game absolutely free and if we talk about its size, it only costs you 60 MB. Which is a very good size for a good quality game. Don’t worry about these 5 Offline games for android it is safe and secure so you guys can try and enjoy it.


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