Top 5 crazy Best Android apps 2023

So guys, in today’s article, we are going to talk about new android apps. You will get them on play store for free, with the help of these apps. You can make your daily mobile use very easy and amazing. So let’s talk about these 5 crazy Best Android apps. 

1- Computer Launcher Pro

So if you guys also want to enjoy windows seven in your computer that is you guys want your mobile to run just like a computer then this app is the best app for that task after downloading this launcher. As soon as you apply it, your mobile will be changed to Windows 11. You will see all the things exactly like Windows, like My Computer, recycle Bean, etc. You will get this app absolutely free on Play Store, so go and download it now.

2- XS Camera

XS Camera is one of the best applications available on play store. If we talk about its features, it gives you a lot of settings that you can set according to your preference whether to front or back. Also, do you guys want to do audio recording with video recording or not? Basically, this is a private recorder, that is, even if you are using your mobile, this camera will be recording in the background, even if you are playing a game or using any application. But this camera will keep its recording. And you guys can turn off the recording whenever you want by turning on the application. This application is available on play store and you can download it absolutely free.

3- Native Alpha

Native Alpha is an application that allows you to search for and visit websites that you use on a daily basis, whether it’s your own or someone else’s. So you guys can make an application. With the help of which you guys can quickly access this website. You guys have to download the application and open it, then below you will see plus option, click on it and enter the name of the website. After that you have to paste the URL of this website and save it, after that the application of this website will be rated in your mobile and you will be able to access it easily. This application is absolutely free on Play Store, you guys should download it and try it.

4- 1Edge – Float Edge Panels

Often you people use applications in your mobile a lot and every time you have to find and open the application, then with the help of this application you can create a separate sidebar in your mobile with the help of which You guys will be able to access your special applications very quickly and easily. After opening the application, there are many options in front of you which you have to click on the options you want to use. Then click on the Edit. After that, you have to select and confirm the applications you want to use. After that, a side bar will be created in your mobile, so you can use it to access all your applications. Can be used quickly.

5- Linker

With the help of this application you can connect all your social media platform links together. With the help of this you can put your social media platform links in your bio and it is a great. Application is for giving link in bio. The advantage of creating a link on this application is that when someone clicks on one of your bio links. All your social media platforms will be displayed on the same page. After installing the application, you have to open it, after that all the social media platforms will start in front of you. Fist copy the URL of your account and paste on the application and click on conform. Now your all accounts are connect together. Download and use this application on the play store absolutely free.


These application’s are totally free and safe form scam  and harming your device you can try it without any risk. So now go on the play store and download 5 crazy Best Android apps . Thanks for coming on our article.

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