Top 5 Amazing apps for android

So guys, in today’s article we are again going to discuss about Android apps. Will control the usage of the mobile and your mobile will look much better than before. And will be much easier to use.  And the interesting thing is that these apps are very small in size and absolutely free. You can use them in your mobile phone. And one more interesting thing is that these apps have nothing to do with you, they don’t have a lot of ads and they don’t harm your data. So now let us discuss the 5 Amazing apps for android. 

1- Plain App

Plain App is one of the best apps available on Play Store. Which you can get in just 36MB Let’s talk about how to plain app after installing. It you have to open it and an option will appear in front of you you have to Allow  this option after that you will get a URL. You have to copy the URL and paste it in Google Chrome and click OK. After that the screen of your mobile will be shown to you on the PC screen and you will be able to access your mobiles screen on computer all the data of your mobile whether it is pictures or videos or any other data then you guys You can do them on computer screen.

2- Sleep As Android

As you all know that everything is converting to AI. So why not Alarm app is the best app that keeps track of every activity today and see what you guys are doing when.  Also it notes your sleep and wake up time. And starts auto alarm at that time and besides, you often wake up with a shock when the alarm goes on at once. Shock wakes up from sleep which is not a good thing. But this app slowly curses your mobile volume and wakes you up. Which is a great app for today’s life so you guys can easily download it from play store. It is absolutely free but then it comes in a premium version first two weeks then it you which can be purchased if you like it.

3-PIE Launcher

PIE Launcher is a small file available on play store. But it’s great this app is only seen by 83KB but it can do a great job. After installing it all the apps on your mobile screen disappear. But when you long press, the apps you have used at the recent apps will be displayed. You can access very quickly and if you click once, all the apps will be displayed on your mobile screen. It is a great and fun App.

4-Micosoft SwiftKey AI keyboard

Well, there are many keyboards available on play store. But this keyboard is the best keyboard because it has artificial intelligence. Which is known for it’s function is that when you people start writing anything and write a little bit you It tells in advance. What you guys are writing and also corrects the mistakes in your text. The best part is that this app works in every language. it fixes more than 700 languages.

5-Wallpaper Engine

So if you guys also love to see different types of wallpapers on your mobile screen then this app is for you.  In this app you can use many wallpapers be it 2D wallpaper or 3D wallpaper and also it gives you many features you can download it on your desktop or laptop. It has a feature that when your mobile battery is low it automatically shuts down and saves your mobile battery from draining quickly. So this is a great and intelligent app so you guys You must try it once and it’s absolutely free.


You can download these apps from play store easily. It is totally free download 5 Amazing apps for android and make your phone updated and amazing thanks for coming.

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