How to protect WhatsApp from being hacked

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Yes bro, in today’s article we are going to talk about the reasons why your WhatsApp gets hacked and later you can’t get back to that number.
Your WhatsApp gets hacked because of your own mistakes.So in today’s article we will tell you how you can save your WhatsApp.

Reasons for WhatsApp Hacking

1- You receive a link on your WhatsApp that tempts you to give free MB data when you click on it your WhatsApp now your watsapp hacked

2- And so you get a call telling you that your prize has been won in the draw and you have received another one for verification.And when you tell them your verification code, your WhatsApp is lost

3- You have often noticed that when you are traveling, free Wi-Fi is provided at bus stands when you are traveling.When you use these free Wi-Fi, your data is from the mobile at the same time is hacked

4- When you are out of the house and a stranger asks for your mobile to make a call and you unlock your mobile and give it to him, your data is almost stolen at the same time.

5-Now most of the people install some third party WhatsApp for extra features in their mobile for some more features.
so that they can get extra features in this case your WhatsApp data but also your mobile data your pictures you videos and your account can be set so it is better to use the one found on play store and it is a good one and not to use third party app and harm yourself.

6- So these were some of the things that make you WhatsApp, something that has your deadness and your forgetfulness, and some of you put yourself at risk for some of the features and some of the conveniences. It also puts your data at risk, so it’s best to back up what you store and do.

SO, now I will tell you how you can protect your WhatsApp from being hacked and which police you should follow.

How to protect WhatsApp from being hacked

1- If you feel that there are some problems with your WhatsApp then you can backup your WhatsApp data and delete your WhatsApp and after doing this reinstall WhatsApp and Started using it again

2- After that you go to your WhatsApp and after going to settings turn on the two-stop verification of your mobile.

3- And if you have some important data in your WhatsApp that you don’t want to share with anyone, then always keep your WhatsApp password or pattern locked.

4-After that, you should not click on any such link or any verification code unless you have applied your data yourself on a website or in an app.

5- In the next stop, if you have joined some extra groups in your WhatsApp and you don’t need those groups, then you can leave and delete those groups because in this way your personal number is available to many people. happens and they can easily frequent you or any other problems with you.

6-After that you guys turn off auto download in your WhatsApp so that no unnecessary app link or photo is downloaded in your mobile.
7-Go to your WhatsApp and use Privacy Police Don’t use any third-party VPNs unnecessarily Show your last scene and your profile photo only to your own accounts.

Tip: If you use my telly tricks then your whatsapp will never be baned.

And if for some reason your whatsapp has been banned then how can you unblock it you guys have to go to the official website of whatsapp and appeal them and describe your problem. and after that all you guys have to do is wait and what are you doing then your whatsapp will be unbanned.

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