9 premium tools available for free

9 premium tools available for free

So guys my name is Qasim. There are many people want to work like professional. But in the begging we have low budget and premium tools are very expensive. So in todays article I am going to show you same premium tools and software these tools and software are totally free. You can complete you work like professional without pay any fee. You can use these tools in any profession like content creator video graphic photo graphic. So lets go to discus about how you can find and download them for free.


There are many people use premium software for video editing photo editing and professional Thumbnails. Lets tell you alternative of these software you can do same thins in it without any cost. Go to the google and type GIMP and download that software. It is totally free of cost software. In this software you can see all of options available in the premium software you can create professional thumbnail and photo without pay any fee.


There are many premium software are in market for editing. But today we are only discus about free software. Just go to google and type open short. Open website and download the it. You can download in easily on you windows laptop and MacBook. It is not an heavy duty software you can easily run on you laptop. After download and open it import you video and edit it as you want. There are many options in it like filters trim video split video and moreover.


In our daily life we are using many paid software for our office work. Go to google and type liberoffice it is open source software you can download it easily in you laptop. It this software you can use your document files excel files draw files math formulas data base files. You can see all paid tools in it without pay any fee.

4- Online converted

If you have any type of format file and you can to convert in another format. You don’t have to download any software for it. Just go to google and search online converted website. In this website you can convert your audio file Document file Webservice file software video converter Ebook and many other options use for free.

5- Scribus

This software is amazing because with the help of this software you can edit you any type of file like pdf files and other files easily export. You can see many options in it. You can see all premium options in this software. Just go on google and type scribus and download this software this total free download and enjoy.

6- Silex

If you want to make you own website but no have no idea how to  make a website don’t worry. Silex Website will help you. In this website you will create your website without any coding and pay any fee. You can make your website in 3 easy steps. And if you want to learn about silex just search in YouTube there are many vides about it.

7-  Virus Total

If you have any important data and you want to secure your data from any virus without download any software and application. Just search virus total on google there are an web site on front of you open it. You have any file website you can scan on this website without download any software for free. Just paste you URL or import you files and click on search. It will scan your file show every thing on front of you. This is the best solution to scan your file.

8-  Vidmix.app

If you want to edit your video without download any software and app. So this website is available for you. Search it on google open the first link your online editing app is ready just import your file and edit. In this app all options are available.

9- Tiny Wow

This is a bonus site in this article. Because there are unlimited tools in this website. You can do any thing like convert your file resize export audio videos pictures editing tools there are unlimited tools you can do any type of word on this website. You can do unlimited types of words who want to install software for complete your work..

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