7 Amazing Apps For mobile 2024

7 Amazing Apps For mobile 2024

So, whenever I tell you about an app, I’m very happy. Because we will try and use them before tell you. And then we share them with you. So today I’m going to sharing 5-6 android apps with you. You can download in you phone for free. These apps are totally free and secure. Because there are no any issue and there are no problem to harm you device .

1- TrueAi stunning wallpapers

So guys I know the AI wallpapers is already installed in expensive phones. But if you device is low ram and storage no problem you can use it in your phone. TrueAi stunning wallpapers have 500+ wallpapers in it. It generates wallpapers automatically but if you have your own wallpapers and you want to change the variations you can do it. You can change color and moreover. When you open the app just swipe up you can see many wallpapers in it for free. It in available in only 11MB. You can download in from you store for free.

2- NOCHA – Secondary launcher

Basically, is a secondary launcher guess what it can do. Apps will show in notification bar. You can access them very easily just click on it and your apps will open in front of you. And if does not take screen space. When you are not using it, the bar will hide automatically and when you have to use just click top of the screen it will appear on your screen.

3- Perplexity

Basically, it is an AI app. It’ll answer any question you as in a conversational style. It uses GPT-4 anthropic Cloud A2. And then it’ll answer any question you ask. Obviously, there’s a chat between GPT and Cloud A2 in the background. They know everything. When you ask him any question it will contact with chat GPT and answer you what you ask. It will find any thing you ask on the internet. Moreover, anything is not available on internet it will answer you every thing because it is an AI app bro just relax.

4- YouTube Create


So, guys if you are a video editor or youtuber so this app is only for you. Because you tube makes it only for youtuber. It’s their own app. It is available only in 128 MB for free. If you want to create short and long vides lite trim, add music filter and many things you can create on this app. Moreover, you can add auto captions in you vides by using the YouTube create app.

5- Bikii Cloud Game

So guys if you like to play games and you don’t have high level device don’t worry because you can play high quietly games like GTA 5 spider man and others games on you mobile. Download the app and log in with google or Face Book. When you open the game you have 15 mint daily paly time for free. In this app you can paly any game with any lag and quietly issue.

6- Macro Droid- Device Automation

So guys if you want to prank with you friend use this app. Download this app from you store in you friends phone. After download open it and go to template. Find the shutdown prank. Click on configure. Copy the URL and send on your WhatsApp. After this when you click on this URL your friends phone automatically shut down.

7- Duplicate files Remover 

So guys if your mobile storage in become full and you want to clear your storage without delete any thing this app for you. Download the Duplicate files delete open and click on the find duplicate files. After this your phone will show all the duplicate files in your mobile. Deletes these files with the help of this you can clear your phone storage without delete any files.



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