6 out class apps for android in 2023

So brothers, today we are going to talk about apps for android in 2023. These apps that will make your mobile more amazing and outstanding. With the help of this app you can use your mobile very easily and in this. I am going to tell you about an app that if your mobile is stolen. So your mobile will automatically take this thief’s picture and send you his live location to your other Gmail ID. So let’s start today’s article.

1- Pin Short cuts

The first number app in list apps for android in 2023 is pinned shortcuts. With the help of this app you guys can customize your mobile very easy and amazing with the help of this app you guys can create shortcuts of all your apps which you use a lot on daily basis. All you have to do is download this app and then enable and disable all its policies and then select your apps that you use a lot on a daily basis. The app will create a shortcut to all these apps. To unlock these apps, you have to long press on this app, then all the apps that you use more will be opened in front of you with the help of it. You can make your work easier.

2- Full Screen Gestures

With the help of this app you can create many shortcuts in your mobile, after downloading it you have to allow all the permissions, then you can check the shortcut on your mobile. If you want to select these apps, if you move your mobile from the bottom to the top, the app you have selected will open and appear in front of you. Similarly, if you slide from left to right, it will open the app you selected so you can use it very easily.

3- Dynamic island Dynamic spot

Now, basically this feature is for iPhone users. But we are Android users, so if you also use your mobile as a dynamic island, that is, the small rain that was falling on the mobile, which is called Timing Island. They say, if you want to use it, you can do it with the help of this app, you have to download it. And follow all the formations and then select all the apps that you want to see in it, then the app that you will be using like if there is any music playing in the background. So if you click on this link, it will open in front of you.

4- XS Camera Record privately

Now you guys can use this app to support private record video. But be careful to use it in right place not to misuse it. You can record video using it. After downloading the app, you have to open it and show the permission. After that you have to start recording, then your recording will start recording in the background and the foreground. You won’t even know it and you can also schedule the recording so it will start recording automatically when the time comes.


Now this app is going to be very amazing for Wi-Fi users. After installing it, you guys have to open it, then a screen with a camera will open in front of it. So with its help, you guys in your home. Can see where your best Wi-Fi signal is coming for gamers. This app is going to be amazing for the app.

6- Track it Even if it is off

Now this app should be in everyone’s mobile and it is necessary. If you guys go out somewhere and your mobile gets stolen then there are very less chances of getting it. But if you download this app So you guys can find your mobile very easily. You have to download this app and after that allow all the permissions and it gives you a lot of options like selfie click and sending location to email id if you check all these options. If you select and turn it off, when someone tries to turn off your mobile. So the screen of the mobile will show as if the mobile is switched off. But actually the mobile will be running and he will take the selfie of this thief and send it to the other email id and his live location will also be sent to you.


these apps for android in 2023 are totally free and secure so you can use them without any risk.


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