6 Best Online Earning apps Without Investment 2023

So in today’s era every person wants to earn money from internet. Many people are also earning money so today in this article I will tell you about some Best Online Earning apps Without Investment . On which you can generate good monthly income without investment. So you guys can earn on these apps but for that you have to work hard means but it’s not like you will click people and you people will start getting money.  You guys have to work for it. Only after that will you get something.

1- Get Like

Get Like is both an application and a website. On which all you have to do is to follow people’s accounts, like videos and like photos, for which they pay you money. On this you people have to connect your tik tok or Instagram account and then follow people accounts on this website you can work absolutely free without investment and good daily profit gain.

2- WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp business itself does not give you money,. But you can expand your business on it, that is, if you have a shop or a shopping mall, you can do it here. You get two ways to work on this one is you guys share your products with people after which you will get orders another way is to listen to your ad. In this, WhatsApp Business runs your ads and people see them, interact with you, and buy your stuff. And it’s an easy way to get your product information out to people. With the help of this you can run your ads on Facebook and Instagram etc.

3- Binance

Byname is a trading app where you can buy and sell coins. For example, if you buy a bitcoin worth $20,000, then if it’s worth $50,000 in the future dollar. Then you can get 30 thousand dollar profit behind one dollar and this is a great website for investment so you guys can generate a good income using it. On top of that you can also generate them by day trading on a daily basis.

4- Canva

Canva is an application in which you can perform various tasks such as editing videos, creating presentations or creating one’s CV etc. All these tasks are performed within this one application. Now after working on it, you guys can provide the services of these things to people, that is, if they search on you, many people will hire you, like doing video editing, etc. Then you guys can work on this application. can support a good income by providing services to the people. These services are sold at fivers etc.

5- Facebook

Now on Facebook you can earn money in many ways. That is, if you create your page on Facebook and put videos on it. Then you get views on it, after which you can monetize your page and earn. In addition, you can also take on affiliate marketing in which people will contact you and you will promote people’s stuff and get paid from those people in return.

6- Reselling

Now reselling is an activity in which you people have to buy things and then sell them onward. You can use different applications like OLX and Markaz app.  Now you can do any The product has to be bought first like any electronics, any animal. After buying it, you have to put a picture of it on OLX. And it has to have a specific price keeping in mind your profit. After which people will buy something from you and you can generate a good monthly income.



These Best Online Earning apps Without Investment are totally free and secure. So you can easily work on them and create and handsome income on the end of month thanks for coming.

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