6 Best amazing apps for iPhone & Android Phone

Yes, brothers, in today’s article, we are going to talk about Best amazing apps for iPhone & Android again. You can use these apps in your Android phone and also in your iPhone. You will get them for free, so you don’t have to buy any package. So let’s talk about these apps.

1- Focos

So often you people take a picture in your mobile and the result of these pictures is not good which is not good to look at, so with the help of this app you can change a simple picture of yours into a good quality one. In it you can blur the background of your photo, you can also set what you want to focus on and it also has many features that you can use to give your photo a better quality. This application is available for free in Google Play Store and Apple Store.

2- Nasa

If you guys are completely free all day at home then this app will be very beneficial for you. In this you get a lot of information with the help of which you guys can increase your knowledge, in this you can see about the stars, you can see about the moon, you can see about the sun and also what new mission is going to be done in NASA and you can get information about it in a good place. So this is a good application if you guys want to spend your time in a good place.

3- Soda

So if you guys also want to improve the quality of your video then this app is for you after downloading this app you guys have to insert your video in it and after that you guys can edit your video with the help of many features in it you get many options like improve the quality of the video or improve the quality of your face. If you guys want to apply filter on your video then you have that option too.

4- Google Earth

So if you have google earth in your mobile too then it has an amazing teacher which you guys can use in that you guys get an option times laps in google earth. Using this option you can see the map of last 35 years on the Earth and see how it has changed in the last 35 years.

5- Lexis audio editor

So if you guys also want to eliminate the background noise in your video then this app is best for you. After downloading it, you guys have to make an audio file of your video first, then you have to add this audio file to it, after that you guys have to adjust its quality to the best. And apart from that you can also add sound acts etc. in it.

6- Microsoft Team

So this one works exactly like WhatsApp it is given by Microsoft you can do video calling chats and much more you can join groups very few people have it so if you guys don’t want to show your stuff to your family group then you can take full care of your privacy by using this app.


Don’t worry about these Best amazing apps for iPhone & Android  these apps are totally safe and secure you can use these apps without any risk thanks for coming on our article.




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