6 Amazing WhatsApp new Features 2023

So friends, today we are going to talk about WhatsApp again. WhatsApp is a social communication platform that is present in every person’s mobile phone. WhatsApp keeps updating new and many people. If you eagerly wait for updates, today I will tell you about the latest and newest updates of WhatsApp. Amazing WhatsApp new Features

1-Chat lock

One of the best features in the WhatsApp is Chat Lock. With the help of this you can lock a specific person’s chat so that no one else can read that chat. Click on the person name after which you will get an option at the bottom of the chat lock. Click on this option the chat of that person will be done then when you want to read this chat you have to refresh the main page. Like scroll down and above you will get an option chat locks you have to click on it and give your phone face id or password then you will be able to read it this is a great feature if you don’t want to do lock your mobile. Amazing WhatsApp new Features.

2-Edit Resend

Earlier in WhatsApp, when you used to send a message to someone and there was a world wrong in that message, you used to correct it and resend it or put a star with it and give it to him. Can be corrected from within 15 minutes. For this, you have to tap and hold on this message and an option will show in front of you, on which it will be written edit message. So you guys can edit this message and reset it again. If this feature is not showing in your WhatsApp go and update your WhatsApp. And this add option has come in both Apple and Android phones. Amazing WhatsApp new Features

3-Block Unknown Calls

It often happens in WhatsApp that you get these unknown calls and harass you or those people harass your family members and use them for hacking. WhatsApp has introduced a feature that May block your unknown calls. For this all you have to do is you guys have to go to your WhatsApp settings and go to privacy there you will find an option silence unknown you have to turn this option on forever after that You will not get its lucky notification, call history will be created. After that, if you guys find that number trusted, you can delete it and add it as you want.

4-Multi Accounts

In the upcoming updates of WhatsApp, there is a good update of multi accounts, the way you used to use a multi account in your Instagram Facebook, now you will be able to use it in WhatsApp as well in this picture. You can use up to two to five accounts at a time. This feature in WhatsApp is a great feature if you guys want to use multiple WhatsApp accounts in your mobile at a time.

5-Screen Share

The upcoming feature has a great feature called screen sharing. This will be a great feature for teachers, students, teachers, or contractors. Can share the screen with another person. In this way you guys can explain your point to the person in the best way step by step. How you guys will do a task this feature will prove to be the best feature and will be more amazing in coming days.

6-Video Message

In the upcoming updates of WhatsApp you will get a video message feature which will give you a camera option. With a text box which you can click on to send a video message to the person in front of you. You could do this before  by saving the video in your gallery or by going to the camera from. WhatsApp on the other side, but now it is being given to you silently with WhatsApp chat.


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