5 Mind Blowing Android apps 2023

Hi guys, today is the day we are going to talk about 5 Mind Blowing Android apps amazing apps which are used a lot in daily life, with your help you guys can make your mobile very nice and amazing. This app is absolutely free and you can easily download it.

1- Temp Mail

Now daily you use many websites and use many apps. When you open them people ask you for them for which you have to give an email id when they don’t give an email id. And as soon as you enter it, after that you start getting a lot of notifications on that email id, which causes a lot of trouble. These notifications keep disturbing your mobile all the time so this is the best app to solve this problem. After downloading it you are given an email in which you can use this email for ten minutes in any app and in any website. After that this email expires and you guys can get a new email by refresh.

2- CAPod

You guys use the airport or airports wirelessly with your mobile. Now the iPhone users are given all the information about how much they are charged and how much they are not, now Android does not have this feature. So to get all this information you guys can download this app after downloading it it gives you all the information that how much is your lift airport charge and how much is the right airport charge is it currently connect or discount.

3- Radio Garden

If you are also interested in listening to radio channels, then this app is for you. After installing it, when you open it, a map of the world will appear in front of you, on which small green donuts will appear, which are actually radio channels. You just have to click on any radio channel you want to listen to, then the name of the place where that channel is located and the name of the radio channel will be shown in front of you and that radio channel will start playing.

4- Kiwi Browser

So you guys use a lot of extensions in google chrome browser in your computer or laptop. So if you guys want to use all those extensions in your mobile phone. Then this is a great one after downloading it you can add the extensions in your phone. And you can click and ad all those extensions will start.

5- Screen Master

We people often take a screenshot of our mobile. So we need to take a screenshot of a complete web page, so we need to take two or three screenshots. So if you guys want to cover the entire page in one screenshot, then this is the best one. After opening it, you guys have to run it, after that it will be appear in front of you. On clicking it, it will ask you how many screenshots you want to take. Then you guys can click the screenshot you want.


All these 5 Mind Blowing Android apps available on play store for free. You can use them without any fear, these applications are completely safe and secure. There is no risk to your data.




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