11 Amazing Trikes in google chrome

So guys, what’s up, in today’s article we will discuss about Amazing Trikes in google chrome that you can use to make your life and mobile usage more amazing and easy. 

1- Coping website fount

If you guys are visiting a website and you like the color design of the website or any other thing that you like in your website then you right click on that website to get its information. At the bottom you will get the option of the inspect from them, you have to click on it, then you will get all the information of this website, its color, etc. codes, you can apply in your website.

2- Video Player

Google Chrome is also used as a video, so if you don’t have a video player in your computer, you have to drag and drop your video, then Google Chrome will play your video at the same time. Also, you can use it as a picture-in-picture, after which your video will be played on a small screen and you can do other things.

3- File Reader

Google Chrome is a video player as well as a file browser. If you have a file that requires an application or software, you can play it in Google Chrome without the software. All you have to do is drag and drop this file in Google Chrome and that file will open in your Google Chrome.

4- PDF Reader

Just as Google Chrome is a video player, it is also a PDF reader. You can read your PDF file in it without any other software, just by dragging and dropping your file. After that you can easily read this file in Google Chrome.

5- Picture viewer

Along with all these features, Google Chrome is also an image viewer. You just have to drop your image in Google Chrome with the help of drag and drop, after which you can see your image in Google Chrome in a good quality. can

6- crunchy rate check

In Google Chrome, if you want to check the currency rate of your country or any other country, then you have to type in it, then Google Chrome gives you information about its currency.

7- Pin Your website


There are many websites that you use daily, after opening Google Chrome, you have to rewrite them, you have to search, You can pi. these websites by right clicking on the page that is showing above after searching them and then it becomes pin of this website. Now you can easily access on it.

8- Mute sites

If you have uploaded many websites and there are videos playing on them, there is sound of advocate playing, so if you guys want to make this sound louder then you guys can right click on the page. and after that the option of mute will be coming below, you guys have to click on it, after that all the sound of this website will be turned off.

9- Make PDF

If you’re reading something on Google Chrome and you like it. You can save it as a PDF to your computer. You guys have to click three times on the right side and after that an option will be coming below save.  After clicking on it you have to select PDF option from it and save the file then you The file will be saved in the computer.

10- Quick result

Well, we use Google Chrome’s search bar to type something or paste a URL. But you can also use it to get results if you type something into it or a calculator. If you write something, it gives you the result at the same time without creating it on the search. All you need to do is search the calculator in it, just type eight plus five for your example and it will give you the answer right away.

11- Chrome web store

Among all the options available in Google Chrome. This is one of the best options as it provides you with all the extensions. That you can use to take Google Chrome to a higher level. You can add extensions like downloader etc. or anything else you want to add you can ad totally free.

So guys can use these Amazing Trikes in google chrome and make your google pro level.



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